Our  Four Core Values for Capturing your Wedding Day

       Get To Know You

  • The best part of this job is getting to know you before our time together. We will have chatted over the phone, enjoyed a coffee date, or both. Throughout our time together, I will send you questionnaires so that I can get to know you better, and also send you tips on how to prepare for your session. This is because my clients are super important to me. Getting to know you let's me capture you to the best of my ability. 

       Create Beautiful Memories

  • I am a visual storyteller. My goal is to tell your story, the real story, by creating and capturing real memories. 

      Capture The True Essence 

  • Let's face it, having your most intimate moments be in front of a camera can be a bit unnatural. From start to finish, I will be there to guide you through the experience by introducing you to key poses, talking you through those poses, as well as holding that sacred space for those unposed candid moments that I love so so much. 

      Keep You Informed

  • You've been to a few weddings now and you've seen some of that behind the scenes action, but now it's your turn and frankly, there's way more things to do than you ever imagined. That's why I am here. From helping you create a timeline to providing you with literature on making sure everything runs smoothly, I will help be a guiding light for you throughout this special time


  Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the steps to booking a wedding with us?
    • ​Give us a call and let us convince you that we can provide you with awesome photography and very affordable prices.
    • We like to meet the clients for a short meeting to go over the services, create a photo shot list to ensure nothing is overlooked during the wedding for must have shots. Together create a flow of what the day will look like.
    • We will sign a contract and with a $100 deposit save the date.

  • What if my wedding date changes?
    • As long as the photographer is available we will accommodate with no additional charges.

  • What if I am not sure what type of photography style I would like?
    • That is okay. We will go over lots of different styles during the meeting and we are sure we will find one that you really like.

  • What type of camera equipment do you use?
    • ​We use professional full frame camera and we use a variety of low light lenses. We use flash when needed with diffusers. All photos are taken in raw format which allows us to edit them into any desired style.

  • What is the flow of photography at a wedding?
    • We start with the getting ready shots. We try to capture candid moments of the wedding party engaging with each other. These are relaxed and lots of fun.
    • Then comes the ceremony which is the most important part of the wedding.  Here we focus on the interaction between the wedding couple and the wedding party and guests. Main focus being the wedding couple and the photo shot list that was created by the photographer and wedding couple prior to the wedding.
    • After the ceremony, we take 30 to 45 minutes for family photos and wedding couple photos.
    • During the reception focus is on all of the special moments like the first dance, throwing of the bouquet, the garter, cutting of the cake, and all other special moments to include lots of candid shots.

  • How many photos can I expect and how long does it take?
    • We generally deliver around 250 to 300 professionally edited photos.
    • The process takes about 1 week after the wedding. We will send you a hand full of photos within a day or two as a first look and for you to share with friends and family as everyone is anxious to see them.
    • Full payment of the balance is required prior to delivery of the final delivery of photographs.
    • You will own the copy rights to the photos.

  • What payment methods are accepted?
    • All Major Credit Cards, Cash, Check or PayPal.